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Marco Polo New World derives its name from one of the greatest voyagers of all time. Much as Marco Polo used the Silk Road and other ancient trade routes to increase access between western and eastern markets, we too have built a network to trade electronically in these same markets. Originally founded in 2000, Marco Polo New World provides global brokers, high frequency trading firms, and other financial institutions with a host of services enabling our clients to trade multi-asset classes throughout the world via a single network connection.

Marco Polo New World, frequently referred to as “Marco Polo”, is under new management since 2013. This executive team is a group of proven experts with extensive backgrounds in global financial markets. In response to global demands, Marco Polo has recently expanded its service offering to include Foreign Exchange and an Alternative Trading System in the fixed income space. Built upon an entirely redesigned infrastructure, leveraging the latest technology, Marco Polo currently provides connections to over 80 countries across the globe, with emphasis on emerging and frontier markets. This unique trading platform provides our clients with access to the largest international network of broker dealers and asset managers in the world. Clients benefit from neutrality and flexibility, backed by an experienced and knowledgeable service team at work around-the-clock to ensure the highest level of service and support at any time and in any market.


Christian Robertson


Daniel Ibarra


Jean-Louis Jaumin

Director EMEA

Jock Percy, PhD

Chairman of the Board

Ron Quaranta

Advisor on Digital Markets


Marco Polo's global footprint is the most extensive in the industry currently reaching to over 80 countries and 100 markets and continuing to grow. For organizations seeking access to global capital markets, Marco Polo provides a comprehensive range of offerings that can be accessed from anywhere in the world through a single connection.

Foreign Exchange
Fixed Income
Digital Currency
US Execution
Order Routing
Trading Solutions
Infrastructure Services

Marco Polo New World

Corporate Headquarters
110 William Street, 31th Floor
New York, NY 10038