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Our Partner

Airex Market

Airex is redefining how the world buys, sells, and consumes financial apps, information, and reports The old model of selling these products door-to-door via a direct sales force is expensive, inefficient, time-consuming, and incapable of addressing market demand. It’s painful for both buyers and sellers, restricting access and opportunities.

Airex is changing that. The AIREX™ Market is a cost-efficient, frictionless, and immediate marketplace for what are, after all, digital products. They should be available in an online marketplace.

Our prestigious suppliers and affiliates have joined the revolution. Become part of it yourself.

Airex, Inc. was founded in 2012 and is based in New York, NY.


BlockEx is not in the business of picking winners in this burgeoning distributed ledger ecosystem, instead BlockEx is protocol agnostic, recognising that multiple blockchains can coexist; i.e. Bitcoin, Credits, Ethereum etc. Our role is to provide trading firms, governments and traders with access to the very best assets to trade, and platforms on which to create and issue their own digital assets.

Built to be regulator-friendly with compliant business models, BlockEx self-regulates where regulation does not exist and works with regulators where it does. We are focused on becoming the Trusted Authority in the new banking world, powered by distributed ledger and cryptographic-based securities.


Perseus is the world’s leading provider of managed services for high-precision, high-speed, high-performance applications. With clients spanning the Financial, Media, eCommerce and iGaming sectors, Perseus offers a fully-managed suite of services across the trade lifecycle as well as many of the world’s fastest Market-to-Market routes.

Wall Street and Fortune 500 companies choose Perseus to provide managed infrastructure services, custom-designed global networks, precision time synchronization, colocation and turn-key trading solutions with industry-leading, 24x7 support.