Navigating through the perilous waters of regulation and electronic trading has become an overwhelming task, but you are not alone!

Having been the pioneer and leading organization within the emerging and frontier markets for the last 14 years, Marco Polo has helped several foreign local brokers build out their brokerage and electronic trading infrastructure.

Our consulting services leverage the expertise of the Marco Polo team to help you build out your business in a way that cost-effectively increases your value to your customers.


Marco Polo has helped many foreign local brokers build out their US presence by either utilizing our chaperoning services or completely building out a new broker-dealer from scratch, to ensure that the brokers are in compliance with the local and global regulatory and market landscape.

Electronic Trading

Although electronic trading has become the norm in developed countries, the emerging and frontier markets are still somewhat lagging behind. This has been predominantly due to the exuberant cost associated with establishing an electronic trading infrastructure. Realizing that electronic trading is a necessity, Marco Polo is helping foreign brokers and institutions build out their trading environment in a cost efficient manner by utilizing some of our own proprietary technology. This allows frontier market brokers, such as firms in Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, etc, to receive electronic order flows and ultimately improve market transparency.

FIX Protocol

The FIX protocol is ubiquitous with electronic trading – one cannot live without the other. Marco Polo has been the market thought leader in expanding the FIX protocol within the emerging and frontier markets. Our staff of FIX experts can help you implement, as well as develop, tools which will make your trading environment more profitable, reliable and efficient.

Digital Currency

Currency, commodity or simply technology - however you view it, Marco Polo has become one of the industry experts in this new trading product. We have helped several Digital Currency providers build out their matching engine, develop the FIX protocol and emulate the operation and compliance processes generally associated with regulated broker dealers.

Network Topology

Marco Polo, with a vast network infrastructure covering the entire geography of the world, provides new trading organizations to piggy back off our infrastructure – at a low cost and in a reliable manner.

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