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The premier provider of emerging markets access since 2000, Marco Polo recently expended its product offering with a renewed focus on Foreign Exchange / Forex (FX).

The FX market, in particular FX spot, is vital to broker dealers, institutional and buy-side clients that maintain portfolios in multiple regions and currencies. Based on the demands of our foreign local brokers, as well as larger foreign institutions, Marco Polo developed a premier matching engine and user interface, allowing our clients to trade directly via a trading platform or to consume an FX data feed.

Launched in March 2015, Marco Polo officially formed a new FX division under the name Marco Polo FX (MPFX™). The MPFX™ platform has the following key features and advantages:

Diverse Liquidity

Through a single connection, MPFX™ enables clients to access virtually any available liquidity in the market – from banks, non-bank liquidity providers (LPs) and ECNs (Electronic Communication Networks/electronic trading platforms). FX liquidity is very dynamic, with new sources of liquidity and new technologies being introduced continuously. We stay on top of this for you, ensuring that you always have access to the highest quality liquidity and tightest spreads available in the market, delivering extremely competitive rates and reducing your execution costs.

Impartial and Anonymous Execution

Marco Polo does not maintain a proprietary trading division and as such never trades against our clients. Rather, we ensure that trades are immediately offset and we provide the best execution possible. Trades are executed with our MPFX™ solution, and your credit counterparty is one of two leading international prime brokers, providing you with complete anonymity and minimizing any market impact from your trades. Our “back-to-back” business model ensures that our interests are aligned with yours. Our simple objective is to help you get the best rate available in the market so that we can grow our trading volumes with you.

Reduced Trading Costs and Execution Fees

MPFX™ provides an all-in rate, eliminating hidden costs and allowing for tighter prices. Our technology and clearing cost per million go down as our volume goes up, giving us an incentive to increase volumes by providing you with the most competitive rates available. Without an economic incentives to favor a particular LP, MPFX™ remains agnostic to execution venues and always routes the order to the liquidity provider with the best price and tightest spread

FX Optimization

Marco Polo identifies areas for improvement for our clients on a continuous basis through detailed analysis of your actual trading data. These reports aid in understanding your trading style and provide suggestions to improve your overall trading experience.

Streaming FX Spot

MPFX™ provides clients with the choice of Marco Polo’s internal front-end trading system, a third-party trading system or a direct API (Application Programming Interface) connection to streaming LP quotes. We are fully integrated with numerous technology solutions in North America, Europe and Asia (including Integral, Currenex and HotSpot) which enable us to integrate our liquidity with your platform in as little as 2 weeks. Our technology team works closely with your vendors to quickly implement the necessary connections, including integration with Triana Harmony and STP (including Logiscope).

Rapid Onboarding and 24x7 Support

A single credit agreement between your prime broker and ours, utilizing a CCA (Central Counterparty Agreement) or 4-way give up, provides clients with access to the entire range of MPFX™ LPs. Once on the network, Marco Polo provides professional trading, operational and technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, around the world. The pillars of our offering are transparency and communication, supported by MIS analytics and continually evolving service to our clients.

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